Use your crane for full visibility
and control of the jobsite,
with an increase of

up to 50%

in efficiency & safety

Two modes of operation:

Top cabin ADAS

(Advanced Driver Assistance System)

Remote operation solution

From-ground operation benefits:

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ADAS Operating

More effective, safer operation, thanks to advanced vision and data enabled by ADAS in the top cabin or teleoperation from the ground.

ADAS System

Sensing Computer Units Accurate stitching enables wide field of view, high-accuracy data capture, and automation. An add-on to any crane, the smart sensing units can be easily assembled by the crane’s technician, with no professional knowledge required.

Remote Operation

A dedicated dashboard for use by tower crane operators from the ground - without needing to climb up the tower - improves productivity and safety, and reduces the skill and training required, broadening the recruitment pool to counter manpower shortages. Features include: multiple real-time views of the construction site, with overlay of intuitive augmented reality graphics; built-in anti-collision module based on real-time 3D site modeling and artificial intelligence; best lift route selection; and mobile application for planning and performance monitoring.

Control & Management
(both solutions)

Improved workflow with performance statistics, physical metrics, task planning, asset management and more, accessible in real time by all jobsite stakeholders from any tablet, mobile or desktop device.

Solution Benefits


Save time and money

Up to 50% increase in productivity -

Build more each day - Plan, Do, Correct and Act (PDCA), based on data and efficiency-enhancing insights.

Enhanced crane operation

ADAS or remote operation; roadmap to fully autonomous cranes.

Improved workflow

24/7 real-time visibility of asset management at your jobsite, for optimized task planning.

Solution Benefits


The future of construction

Patented innovation

14 licensed patents held by Elbit Systems, 4 patents pending by UltraWis.

State-of-the-art technology

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, panoramic vision sensing, advanced image stitching, and more.

Gateway to autonomous cranes and digital jobsites

Solution and technology roadmap leading to autonomous crane operation.

Solution Benefits


Putting your people first

Risk reduction

Artificial intelligence-based real-time alerts of potential accidents before they occur.

Advanced collision avoidance

Artificial intelligence and accurate 3D modelling (digital twin) capabilities prevent collision of cranes with stationary and moving elements.

Super ergonomic station

Remote operation for cranes.

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