Bridging the gap between construction and technology

Featuring the most cutting-edge technologies – artificial intelligence, machine learning, 3D modelling (digital twin), augmented reality and more - the UltraWis solution enables you to automate and digitize your jobsite, while actionable insights generated from the data captured facilitate enhanced real-time decision making.

Technology highlights

Advanced Image

Highly reliable, even in harsh outdoor conditions, our outstanding electro-optical sensing units offer ultra-high resolution and an exceptionally wide field of view.
This is achieved by stitching together multiple vision sensors with incredible accuracy, generating low-latency panoramic imagery of the entire jobsite in real time, with no misleading information.

Augmented Reality

With overlay video featuring intuitive augmented reality graphics, we provide updated visual insights for enhanced real-time decision making. Ensuring that all stakeholders are on the same page, this enables you to improve situational awareness and reduce your workload.

3D modeling (a digital twin)

Building an accurate 3D model of your specific site and updating it multiple times a day, we enable you to monitor your project as it grows.
This BIM-compatible 3D modeling is also used for automation, collision avoidance, As-Planned vs. As-Built comparison, asset management and to generate safety alerts.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Covering the whole jobsite, our cutting-edge 360-degree, 24/7 panoramic sensing units use AI and ML to interpret visual information and translate it into decision-making insights, in real time.

As well as providing awareness of daily productivity to facilitate improved performance, safety alerts enable you to reduce project risks by preventing the next incident.

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